Canyonlands/Desert Montane

Patchy arid grasslands with xeric shrubs common in open stands with sagebrush dominant over extensive areas. Woodland zone is the most extensive, dominated by open stands of two-needle pinyon pine and juniper “pygmy forests”. Lodgepole pine and aspen are dominant in Utah.


  • Increasing tourism and intensity of recreational land use

  • Overcrowding of infrastructure in and around national parks and monuments

  • Invasive annual grasses

  • Pinyon-juniper invasion

  • Preservation of sagebrush habitat

  • Preservation of viewsheds

  • Heavy fuel loading

  • Livestock grazing

Subregion Representative Wanted! Contact our Program Coordinator Gloria Edwards for details:

Gloria Edwards
Southern Rockies Fire Science Network Coordinator
Colorado State University

(970) 491-2991