"We have management questions that need to be answered... The most beneficial aspect of the roadshow was discussing these questions with researchers and academics who [may] find interest and/or funding to help us [find] answers."
- Land Manager on the Uncompahgre Plateau Roadshow

What is a SRFSN partner?

Our partners include organizations, schools and universities, agencies, non-profits and other wildfire or natural resource groups that work to research or manage wildfire and its relationship with the environment, climate, and society. Even individuals can join. SRFSN partnerships work toward developing and expanding opportunities to exchange fire science knowledge. SRFSN activities include events and news designed for both management decisions and public learning alike.

How can partnering with "SoRock" help you?

  • Connect you with experts and specialists to help with planning, management, and research issues
  • Provide easy-to-access and up-to-date fire science through social media
  • Provide support and coordination of workshops, roadshows, field trips, online information and collaborative events
  • Support for prescribed fire councils, local and regional wildfire organizations and groups

Is there a cost to join?

No!  Subscription to our email list, e-newsletters, and announcements are free. Additionally, most events are offered at no cost. 

A Few of Our Partners...

Regional Collaborators

Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado  

Arkansas River Watershed Invasive Plant Plan (ARKWIPP), Colorado (Arkansas River Basin)

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota  

Burn Canyon Monitoring Task Force, Colorado (Burn Canyon, San Miguel County)

Coalition for the Upper South Platte, Colorado (Upper South Platte)
Carol Ekarius

Colorado Bark Beetle Cooperative, Colorado (Mountain)
Abbie Cobb

Colorado State Forest Service, Colorado (Fort Collins)

Colorado Watershed Wildfire Protection Working Group, Colorado 
Brad PiehlJessica Wald

Culebra Range Community Coalition, Colorado (Costilla, Huerfano & Las Animas counties)
Tom Perry

Estes Valley Forest Issues Forum, Colorado (Mountain)
Jim Austin

Forest Health Advisory Council, Colorado (Colorado State Forest Service)

Forest Health Coalition, Colorado (Las Animas & Huerfano Counties)

Forest Health Task Force, Colorado (Summit County)
Howard Hallman, 719-491-1807

Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership, Colorado (Front Range)
Hal Gibbs

Front Range Roundtable, Colorado (Front Range) 
Gali Beh

Lake County Forest Health Task Force, Colorado (Lake County)

Mountain Studies Institute, Colorado (Silverton)

Northern Colorado Rebuilding Network, Colorado (Larimer County)

Northern Front Range Mountain Pine Beetle Working Group, Colorado (Front Range)
Irene Shonle

Ponderosa Pine Forest Partnership, Colorado (Dolores, San Juan & Archuleta Counties)

Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research Inc, Colorado (Fort Collins)

San Juan Partnership, Colorado (San Juan County)

San Juan Headwaters Forest Health Partnership, Colorado (San Juan County)

Tackling Tamarisk on the Purgatoire, Colorado (Bent, Las Animas & Otero Counties)
Shelly Simmons, Colorado State Forest Service, 719-383-5780
Matt Moorhead, The Nature Conservancy, 720-974-7042

Tamarisk Coalition, Colorado 
Stacy Kolegas

Uncompahgre Partnership, Colorado (Montrose)

University of Wyoming, Wyoming (Laramie)

Woodland Park Health Forest Initiative, Colorado (Woodland Park)
Carol Ekarius