Fire Science Digest- After the Fire is Out

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Even before firefighters have left a burn site, a second wave of specialists is deployed. Their task: to assess the burn site; determine the level of risk to life, property, and ecological resources; and determine quickly the most effective postfire treatments for emergency stabilization and initial rehabilitation of the site. For the past 13 years, the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) has funded research on this critical phase of work, which often goes unnoticed after the fire is out. With support from the JFSP, scientists have made great strides in improving the tools available to assess postfire risks and evaluate the effects of available treatments, such as erosion barriers and postfire seeding. The suite of tools includes syntheses that recap the latest research findings and improved computer models to facilitate assessment of risks and threats after wildfires. These tools can help managers choose the best treatments to implement postfire stabilization and rehabilitation. This digest presents a synopsis that will help postfire team specialists and land resource managers respond with confidence to the aftermath of wildfire.

Image Source: Joint Fire Science Program