Process for Adaptive Implementation of the Spruce Beetle Epidemic-Aspen Decline Management Response EIS

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The purpose of this document is to describe activities comprising the adaptive implementation
and monitoring framework for the Spruce Beetle Epidemic Aspen Decline Management Response Project. The primary goals are to:

  • continue the public participation and collaborative learning that occurred during the planning phase, encourage and support the continuation of collaborative workgroup efforts throughout implementation;
  • ensure implementation of treatments is responsive to dynamic on-the-ground conditions, new scientific information, and public input;
  • demonstrate compliance with management direction specified in the EIS/ROD;
  • conduct a transparent adaptive implementation process that keeps the public informed of and involved in treatment unit timing, design, and monitoring;
  • ensure integrated engagement of interdisciplinary team members, field personnel, scientists, line officers and the public;
  • focus on shared priorities and work to resolve concerns and solve problems related to selection and implementation of SBEADMR treatment units;
  • conduct monitoring activities, interpret and share results, adapt implementation practices to improve results and better meet project objectives.