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Webinar - Crown Fire Behavior in Conifer Forests

May 7, 2015 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Time listed is PDT.

Marty Alexander, an adjunct professor of wildland fire science and management at the University of Alberta – Canada and Miguel Cruz, a senior bushfire research scientist with CSIRO Land and Water – Australia, will present a summary of their synthesis on crown fire dynamics in conifer forests. Crowning is a common element or characteristic associated with extreme fire behavior in conifer-dominated forest cover types. Crown fires are capable of burning large tracts of forested landscape, thereby placing firefighters at risk, posing a threat to public safety and properties, potentially adversely impacting other values at risk, and increasing suppression expenditures. The presentation will focus on our current understanding and prediction of several different aspects of crown fire behavior (e.g., initiation, propagation, type, spread rate, fire shape and size, flame height, spotting) and also offer some solutions for increasing our knowledge from a practical operational standpoint.

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